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美国化学工程师学会(AIChE)2011年会将在十月16-21 日于Minneapolis, MN 举行,有几个分会将重点讨论结晶于蒸发。

2011 AIChE
Bing-Shiou Yang (Principal Engineer, Boehringer Ingelheim) 和我将主持用于结晶开发与生产的PAT 分会。本分会欢迎新进的把工艺过程分析技术(PAT)应用于结晶工艺过程开发和生产的技术报告。 PAT应用技术可包括各种光谱分析法(FTIR, NIR, Raman)、颗粒与计数技术、以及其它不同在线监测或传感技术。尤其感兴趣的是驱动结晶过程开发的创新性途径和手段。 Continue reading

AIChE Call For Crystallization Papers

The 2011 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting – to be held October 16-21 in Minneapolis, MN – features a number of sessions on crystallization and evaporation.  Continue reading

AIChE 2010中的PAT–实时监测制粒过程和滚动致密过程

在盐湖城举行的2010 美国化工学会 (AIChE) 年会中,一些出席良好的分会与质量源于设计(QbD) 和工艺过程分析技术(PAT)相关。

美国化工学会年会最近,我在PharmaQbD 博客上以嘉宾身份发表了一个对QbD 和PAT 的简要回顾,题为“如果QbD 是地图,PAT即是GPS”。本博客贴文的出发点是QbD 和PAT以互补的方式来应用是最有效的。在AIChE年会中,可以看到许多好的例子,它们基于将通过QbD实验开发出来的工艺模型应用到后期开发和生产上,在PAT的指导下进行实时监测和控制。



2010 Fall Meeting Highlights

Now that the busy fall meeting season has come to an end, I wanted to take the opportunity to quickly revisit some highlights that my colleagues and I noted: Continue reading

PAT at AIChE 2010 – Real-time Monitoring of Granulation and Roller Compaction

At the 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, there were a number of well-attended sessions dealing with the related topics of Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technologies (PAT). Continue reading

视频:梅特勒-托利多FBRM C35获PowTech/TechnoPharm 2010创新奖

我早些时张贴过梅特勒-托利多颗粒系统特征分析组获得了PowTech/TechnoPharm 2010展会的创新奖, 得奖产品为用于实时测量高剪切力成粒过程及其它挑战性颗粒工艺过程的FBRM C35.

在这一视频中,颗粒系统特征分析的业务经理Carl Phillip通过简短的回顾解释了他们为什么获得了这一创新奖:

Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference: Alternatives for Alternative Fuels


At last week’s Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference, there was an excellent session highlighting a few of the many different approaches currently being commercialized to develop renewable fuel sources.

What was interesting, is that many seem to be capable of producing fuels or chemicals that are compatible with the existing infrastructure for petroleum refining or directly as petrochemical feedstock. And although the construction of demonstration and full-scale commercial plants might take years to complete, most of the key companies are in the process of planning to scale-up manufacturing within a year.

For my own purposes, I thought it might be useful to list the companies and the route that they are trying to follow towards bulk manufacturing of biofuels and bio-sourced chemicals. If you have additional insight into each of these technologies, or want to voice opinions on their scientific or economic feasibility, please comment below.

Continue reading

Process Development at AIChE 2010

While reviewing the agenda for next month’s American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting, I noticed a number of papers and posters discussing process development in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and academia: Continue reading

YouTube Video: PowTech/TechnoPharm 2010 Innovation Award for METTLER TOLEDO FBRM C35

Earlier I posted that the METTLER TOLEDO Particle System Characterization group won an Innovation Award at the PowTech/TechnoPharm 2010 Exhibition for their FBRM C35 product for real-time monitoring of high-shear granulation and other challenging particulate processes.

In this video, Carl Phillip, Business Area Manager for Particle System Characterization, gives a short interview explaining why they earned the Innovation Award:


Use of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for Biotech

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for Biotech: A Review of Recently Reported Applications in Fermentation and BioProcessing

Fermentation and bioprocessing play critical roles in the discovery and manufacture of new pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals, and in the sustainable production of bulk fuels and commodity chemicals. Yet fermentation processes are often operated with a minimal level of monitoring and control, limiting the ability to optimize yields and production rates. Continue reading