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EasyMax为使这些科学家与工程师们完成大量的所需工作提供了一个即功能强大又使用便捷的实验平台。看到EasyMax已被他们欢迎采纳,尤其是针对结晶工作,使人感到欣慰。Simon Rea开发了一个方法,使EasyMax更适于颗粒特征分析:

结晶终于,您可以在您的EasyMax 里同时使用FBRM和PVM了! 这一新的PTFE封盖使您有可能观察到:

  • 多晶型/晶习的改变
  • 晶种添加行为
  • 相分离
  • 工艺过程中通常的颗粒/液滴的变化


要通过例子看您可以在EasyMax 里同时使用FBRM和PVM来做什么,请浏览由固态制药团队(SSPC)的Mark Barrett所作的 从实验室到生产厂反溶剂添加结晶过程的优化与放大网络研讨会系列

Enhance Your Understanding of a Crystallization Process

A common challenge faced by both chemists and engineers is how to achieve an enhanced understanding of the crystallization process.

The EasyMax has provided a powerful, yet nimble platform for chemists and engineers to get a lot of work done.  It has been great to see how well the EasyMax has been embraced, especially for crystallization work.  Simon Rea developed a way to make it even better for particle characterization:

Crystallization Process FBRM PVM EasyMax

At last, you can use the FBRM and PVM simultaneously in your EasyMax!  This new PTFE lid makes it possible to see your: Continue reading

BIWIC 2010: Optimization & Scale-up of Anti-Solvent Crystallization

Later this week, scientists and engineers will join together at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Germany for the BIWIC 2010 – International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization.  Topics at this year’s International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization will include fundamentals of crystallization (thermodynamics and kinetics), process design (monitoring and modeling), product design (polymorphism, salvation, stability, chiral separation, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals), industrial applications, and intensified processes and equipment (external fields, micro technology, hybrid processes). Continue reading