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VisiMix Conference: Influence of Mixing in Your Process

Last week, I attended the VisiMix International Conference in Boston, MA.  Held at the Colonnade Hotel, the conference focused on the influence of mixing unit operations in your process and featured presentations by well-respected leaders in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries on topics including: Continue reading


“不幸的是,我们的强放热反应不总是容易处理”,Hexion™特种化学品的工艺过程优化与安全主任Günter Reinsch先生这样说到。 Continue reading

How Hexion Specialty Chemicals Reduced R&D Expenses

The Challenge: Reaction Calorimetry Under Difficult Conditions
“Unfortunately, our highly exotherm reactions are not always easy to handle”, says Günter Reinsch, head of process optimization and safety at Hexion™ Specialty Chemicals. Continue reading