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How To Monitor Biocatalysis in Real Time

This is the first blog post in a 2 part series in which I will discuss the real-time monitoring of bio-based chemical synthesis.

Biocatalysis continues to evolve, with the application of recombinant organisms or isolated enzymes designed to catalyze specific chemical reactions – often with highly regiospecific and stereospecific conversions. In the optimization of any chemical synthesis reaction – by traditional or biocatalyzed routes – it is not enough to simply report the yield and the enantiameric excess (ee), the kinetics of the reaction must also be considered. Understanding how the kinetics are affected by conditions such as pH and temperature allows optimization of biocatalysis through the identification of operating conditions that can ensure a maximum yield and desired ee in a timely manner. Continue reading

How is monitoring your chemical process in real-time like driving with your eyes open?


Oops, I should have seen that coming...

When you run a chemical reaction, a process, an experiment… it is probably critical to you that you do it well – otherwise you wouldn’t waste your time, right?

It’s like buying a car, spending money on gas, taking the wheel and spending your time trying to get to somewhere you need to be. Now, monitoring the reaction in real time is like driving with your eyes opened: you want to know in real time what’s going on in order to be able to take preventive measures and corrective actions (turn, brake, speed up, stop…) and hopefully prevent a car crash that would waste your money, your time, and possibly hurt yourself and your family.

In the driving world, sampling for offline reaction analysis would be like driving with your eyes closed, opening them only once in a while… only to look at a picture of the road a few minutes before… (Yes, it typically takes time to run an analysis and get the results after you’ve taken a sample.)

Who would dare to drive like this? Why would you monitor a chemical process this way then – especially when the chemical process is no less dangerous, and there are options available to “see” exactly where you are and where you are headed? You take the risk of wasting your time, your money, and possibly hurting yourself and your co-workers.

To learn more about METTLER TOLEDO and the ability to “see” your chemical reactions in real-time, please visit our reaction analysis website.

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