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在线分析颗粒大小、形状、及数量的历史:Lasentec® FBRM®

Lasentec History二十五年来, FBRM® 技术一直用于实时监测工艺过程中自然存在的颗粒与液滴。自2001年收购了Lasentec® (Lasentech)之后,梅特勒-托利多不断地改进开发在线颗粒大小、形状、和数量分布的测量技术。目前,已有数千个FBRM® 和PVM® 系统安装在世界各地,从研发实验室到生产厂。

我想人们会有兴趣看看Lasentec®、FBRM® 和PVM® 技术的历史:


新一代 FBRM® (G Series) 上市,在原位颗粒测量的准确性和灵敏度上具有突破性进展。

  • 通过软件对粘贴的颗粒进行校正,从而增强对工艺过程的理解
  • 对颗粒分布的高分辨率提供更准确的信息
  • 可互换的探头配置平台拓宽应用性
  • 增强的探头牢靠度减少维修服务次数


梅特勒-托利多荣获Powtech/TechnoPharm 创新奖 ,奖励其将FBRM®应用于在线成粒过程的开发。


小规模 19毫米直径的具有显微镜质量显像的PVM® ,即使是在高固体浓度下。












Lasentec® 因其离线FBRM®技术获得“研发一百强奖”(R&D 100 Award

Inline Particle Size, Shape & Count History: Lasentec® FBRM®

particle size Lasentec FBRM

For over 25 years, FBRM® technology has been used for real-time monitoring of particles and droplets as they naturally exist in process.   Continue reading

视频:梅特勒-托利多FBRM C35获PowTech/TechnoPharm 2010创新奖

我早些时张贴过梅特勒-托利多颗粒系统特征分析组获得了PowTech/TechnoPharm 2010展会的创新奖, 得奖产品为用于实时测量高剪切力成粒过程及其它挑战性颗粒工艺过程的FBRM C35.

在这一视频中,颗粒系统特征分析的业务经理Carl Phillip通过简短的回顾解释了他们为什么获得了这一创新奖:

YouTube Video: PowTech/TechnoPharm 2010 Innovation Award for METTLER TOLEDO FBRM C35

Earlier I posted that the METTLER TOLEDO Particle System Characterization group won an Innovation Award at the PowTech/TechnoPharm 2010 Exhibition for their FBRM C35 product for real-time monitoring of high-shear granulation and other challenging particulate processes.

In this video, Carl Phillip, Business Area Manager for Particle System Characterization, gives a short interview explaining why they earned the Innovation Award:


METTLER TOLEDO receives POWTECH award for Top Innovation in Particle Characterization and Material Sciences


Dr. Markus Adamczyk, representing METTLER TOLEDO, accepts the award for top innovation in particle characterization and material science from Frank Jablonski and Gerd Kielburger

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about my colleagues’ attendance at POWTECH in Nuremberg. I was recently informed that while in Nuremberg, they accepted an award for this year’s most outstanding innovation in the field of Particle Characterization and Material Science at POWTECH. I thought I would share some of the details with you:
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World Congress on Particle Technology 6: FBRM and PVM real-time particle system characterization at WCPT6 in Nuremburg, Germany (26-29 April, 2010)

POWTECH-WCPT6-Nuremburg-METTLER-TOLEDO-FBRM-C35The particle size distribution is a critical parameter in process efficiency and product quality in many pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial processes. The real-time measurement of particle count, dimension and shape of particles as they actually exist in process provides critical process information that speeds up process understanding and enables a better means of real-time measurement and control.

At next week’s World Congress on Particle Technology in Nuremburg, two of my colleagues will be presenting papers covering research and case studies covering a variety of applications of real-time measurement of particle systems using on-line particle characterization tools.

The titles of the four papers that will be presented are listed below :

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