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4 Ways To Improve Organic Synthesis

In collaboration with Pfizer, I will make a presentation on Four Ways To Improve Organic Synthesis on July 20, 2011. Continue reading

Upcoming Continuous Flow Chemistry Events

Regular visitors to this blog will be familiar with recent continuous flow chemistry events in what I consider to be a very exciting, fast-developing area of chemistry. When I was reading the recent blog post regarding the upcoming Pfizer Flow Technology Expo, I thought about other upcoming flow chemistry events, including: Continue reading

Enable Process Analytical Technology Without Modifying or Replacing Reactors

Commitment and investment to develop the use of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is a primary reason why the pharmaceutical industry is able to find ways to streamline and improve manufacturing processes. However, there are significant challenges when implementing Process Analytical Technology (PAT) into larger-scale manufacturing, such as compatibility of measurement instrumentation with classified hazardous areas and the existing processing infrastructure. Even more important is how to sample the chemistry in situ. The majority of reactor vessels in commission today lack suitable entry points for the measurement technology that requires there modification or replacement, which can significantly increase project costs or prohibit implementation entirely. Continue reading

2010 AAPS 年会–特讯

上周我参加了在新奥尔良召开的2010 美国医药科学家协会(AAPS) 年会。这次AAPS会议将平行进行的技术报告和墙报分会于一大型贸易展会结合在一起。

粒径分布测量在医药制剂中的应用在这2010 AAPS会议上,热门议题有质量源于设计(QbD)、工艺过程分析技术(PAT)、以及趋向于药品实时放行的动力。FBRM和PVM技术得到很多壁报和报告的良好描述,主要反映它们在药品制剂过程中理解、优化、和控制颗粒大小分布上的应用。

两个注目的壁报来自Novartis和Bristol-Myers Squibb,集中介绍了FBRM C35在高剪切力湿式成粒过程中的应用。Novartis的文章–“评价用于高剪切力湿式成粒过程的监测和终点检定的PAT工具:NIR、FBRM、PVM、ARS” – 概述了一个用FBRM跟踪颗粒增长和细颗粒消失的研究案例。作者的结论:“FBRM对细颗粒群的灵敏性使变异的根源得到理解并得以消除。Bristol-Myers Squibb的文章–“用于高剪切力湿式成粒过程中实时测量玄长分布的FBRM C35 探头的分辨率和灵敏性、以及与其它粒径分布技术的关联”–显示了在一个干混和过程中FBRM怎样对不同级别的MCC之间的区别提供了充分的灵敏度,同时所得FBRM 数据是怎样与离线粒径测量技术良好关联的。BMS还介绍了描述FBRM数据的创新方法,即把玄长分布的变化视觉化为一个随时间变化的热图。


  • “工艺过程分析技术:用FBRM和PVM在线监测PLGA微粒形成过程” – 美国食品药品管理局 (FDA)
  • “质量源于设计(QbD) 案例研究:寻找实时PAT工艺过程监测与离线产品特征分析之间的关联” – 美国食品药品管理局(FDA)
  • “将QbD原理应用在为可持续性放行对各种级别的Hypromellose进行评价上” – GlaxoSmithKline
  • “预测制药固体在高剪切力研磨过程中的表现” – Pfizer
  • “用高分子来维持一个难溶药物分子的液充胶囊制剂在体外溶出超饱和的一个机理研究” – Amgen Inc.

从个人角度,我有幸被接受作一个壁报,集中介绍FBRM和PVM在改进液体制剂上的应用,像悬浮液、乳状液、和离散液。该壁报–“用原位颗粒和液滴特征分析改进液体制剂”–回顾了这个领域里近来的工作,包括FBRM如何能跟踪湿磨终点、改进乳化过程的放大、以及在变化的温度和搅拌条件下筛选悬浮稳定性条件。没能参加今年AAPS的人可在网上找到我壁报的内容- 请求即得网络研讨会:用在线颗粒和液滴测量来使液体制剂过程得以控制

新奥尔良为AAPS 大会提供了完美的背景,我幸运地得知了Creole与Cajun美食之间的区别!谁有兴趣的话,我喜欢Creole!

4th Annual Uniqsis Flow Chemistry Symposium

Uniqsis British ConsulateBy no means am I a flow chemistry expert, but as probably the case for many other chemists, continuous processing has piqued my interest over the past few years. Continue reading

2010 AAPS Annual Meeting – Highlights

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) MeetingThis week, I was in New Orleans attending the 2010 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting. The AAPS Meeting combines a large trade show with technical presentation and poster sessions running in parallel.

At the 2010 AAPS meeting, hot topics included Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and the drive towards real-time release for pharmaceutical products. FBRM and PVM technologies were well represented with numerous posters and presentations focusing on their use to understand, optimize and control particle size distribution during drug product formulation. Continue reading

Symposium on Process Safety and Crystallization

On Tuesday, November 2, METTLER TOLEDO held its 1st Symposium in Cambridge, MA, hosted by Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR). The success of the Symposium went beyond expectations: 65 scientists representing a large variety of small companies (CoNCERT, Cubist, Tetraphase), larger companies (Pfizer, Dow, Amgen), and research institutions (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) attended the event. The main themes of the Symposium were crystallization and process safety. Des O’Grady and I started by giving an overview of the technologies later covered by the industry speakers: Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM®), Particle Video Microscope (PVM®), EasyMax™, RC1, and ReactIR™. Continue reading

怎样实时跟踪颗粒分布:AAPS 2010

2010 美国医药科学家协会(AAPS) 年会 即将于十一月十四至十八日在新奥尔良召开。本届AAPS年会与国际医药联邦(FIP)的医药科学国际协会 (PSWC)携手,将聚集来自全世界的数千医药科学家们。在此,我想点出会议上将要讨论的一些涉及怎样实时跟踪颗粒分布的报告:http://cn.mt.com/cn/zh/home/events/fairs/AAPS_2010.html?=US_AC_eAdv_zhBlog

  • SU9199  用非谱图式在线颗粒分布的确定作为高剪切力湿式成粒的终点;Purdue University, Sunday PM
  • T2124  评价用于高剪切力湿式成粒监测和终点确定的PAT 工具:NIR, FBRM, PVM, ARS Novartis, Tuesday AM
  • T2139  工艺过程分析技术:用FBRMPVM 在线监测PLGA 微米颗粒形成过程;FDA/CDER/OPS/DPQR, Tuesday AM
  • T3070 用高分子来维持溶解差的药物分子在液添胶囊制剂试管溶解时的超饱和机理研究;Amgen, Tuesday PM
  • W4256 实时颗粒分析:用聚光反射测量 (FBRM) 作为工艺过程分析技术 (PAT) Campbell University and GlaxoSmithKline, Wednesday AM
  • W5050  预测高剪切力湿式研磨药物固体的表现; Pfizer, Wednesday PM
  • W5423  质量源于设计 (QbD) 案例研究:寻找实时PAT工艺过程监测与离线产品定性分析之间的关联;FDA/CDER/OPS/DPQR, Wednesday PM
  • W5429  Lasentec FBRM C35 探头用于高剪切力湿式成粒过程中实时测量颗粒玄长分布的分辨率和灵敏度以及与其它颗粒分布技术的对比; Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), Wednesday PM
  • W5432  通过原位颗粒和液滴定性分析改进液体制剂; METTLER TOLEDO, Wednesday PM
  • R6266  应用QbD原理评价各种Hypromellose等级以确保可持续放行的制剂工艺;GlaxoSmithKline, Thursday AM



How To Track Particle Distribution in Real Time: AAPS 2010

The 2010 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting will be held November 14 to 18 in New Orleans.  As thousands of pharmaceutical scientists from around the world prepare to gather for the AAPS conference that is being held in conjunction with the International Pharmaceutical Federation’s (FIP) Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress (PSWC), I wanted to highlight some papers that will discuss how to track particle distribution in real-time:

Continue reading