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“不幸的是,我们的强放热反应不总是容易处理”,Hexion™特种化学品的工艺过程优化与安全主任Günter Reinsch先生这样说到。 Continue reading

Chilworth’s Safe Scale-up of Chemical Processes


Safe Scale-up of Chemical Processes

On July 1, Dr. Stephen Rowe of Chilworth Technology will present Safe Scale-up of Chemical Processes: Holistic Strategies Supported by Modern Tools.

This online process safety seminar will focus on the overall safety strategy and outlines:

How To Optimize A Highly Reactive Chemistry

Highly Reactive Chemistry

Highly Reactive Chemistry

Highly reactive chemistries are used in the syntheses of drug molecules, special polymer products, herbicides and other agriculture products, high energy materials, and even special materials like nano-particles and chemo-sensors.

Examples of highly reactive chemistries include:

  • Azide chemistry
  • Diazo chemistry
  • Grignard chemistry
  • Lithium chemistry
  • Phosgene chemistry

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BIWIC 2010: Optimization & Scale-up of Anti-Solvent Crystallization

Later this week, scientists and engineers will join together at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Germany for the BIWIC 2010 – International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization.  Topics at this year’s International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization will include fundamentals of crystallization (thermodynamics and kinetics), process design (monitoring and modeling), product design (polymorphism, salvation, stability, chiral separation, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals), industrial applications, and intensified processes and equipment (external fields, micro technology, hybrid processes). Continue reading

How Process Optimization Cut High Chemical Production Costs

Due to the interest on the recent post on how a major dye and chemical company improved process safety and shortened downtime through process modification, this post will discuss how a major specialty chemicals manufacturer used process optimization to:

  • Cut solvent consumption by 50%
  • Decrease production costs by 10%
  • Reduce batch time from 10 hours to 4 hours

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How Hexion Specialty Chemicals Reduced R&D Expenses

The Challenge: Reaction Calorimetry Under Difficult Conditions
“Unfortunately, our highly exotherm reactions are not always easy to handle”, says Günter Reinsch, head of process optimization and safety at Hexion™ Specialty Chemicals. Continue reading

How To Understand and Control Polymer Synthesis

How to Understand and Control Polymer Synthesis Webinar

How To Understand and Control Polymer Synthesis

Dr. Jennifer Andrews of METTLER TOLEDO will present a free online seminar Improving the Understanding and Control of Polymer Synthesis Using Real-Time In Situ FTIR on July 27.  During this presentation, Jennifer will discuss emerging polymer research and how to use real-time in situ Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) to the understand polymerizations.

The importance of real-time in situ reaction monitoring for polymerizations is due in part to the fact that many polymerization reactions are run at high temperatures and/or pressures, some are extremely oxygen sensitive and many involve the use of hazardous reagents.

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