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Separations in Mining and Oil Sands Operations

Separation of water from fine tailings in mining and oil sands operations has been a challenge.  To speed water recycle, the density of dispersed particles is increased to form sediments. Continue reading

Oil-Sands and Tailing Settling and Water Recycle

Alberta, Canada is home to massive deposits of oil sands, estimated to contain approximately 300 billion barrels of recoverable bitumen. However, byproducts of the oil recovery are tailings which include a mixture of water, sand, silt, clay, and residual bitumen. To minimize environmental concerns posed by tailing ponds, it is important to separate tailing solids to ensure efficient water recycle and speed water recovery process.  Continue reading

PSAIChE Biotech: Optimize Flocculation With Real Time Particle Characterization

Since the Seattle area is well known for biotech, I was not surprised when the November Puget Sound American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) meeting focused on the cell fermentation process at Amgen.   The AIChE meeting featured the presentation by Amgen’s Anna Senczuk:  Continue reading

Why Is Canada Reducing Oil Sand Tailing Ponds?

Nowadays, one popular research topic that I hear discussed is cleaning up oil sand tailings.  As Alberta Oil Sands is a relatively new area of study, I wanted to comment on what I hear from people who work with or in oil sand tailings. Continue reading

Mining Flocculation in Minas Gerais, Brazil

I’m currently traveling in Brazil, specifically around an area called Minas Gerais (General Mines). As the name suggests, mining is the main industry in Minas Gerais; they extract almost every ore you can imagine to make metals from aluminum to zinc. Continue reading

How Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Can Optimize And Control Flocculation

Process Analytical Technology in Flocculation

How PAT Can Control and Optimize Flocculation

On July 21 and July 22, Eric Dycus will present a free online seminar – Rapid Optimization and Control of Solids Flocculation with Inline Particle Measurement Technology. This presentation will review how the implementation of Process Analytical Technology can optimize and control the flocculation process.  Eric will include examples from both laboratory and manufacturing applications to enhance and control:

  • Biotechnology cell and cell debris separations
  • Pulp and paper yield, retention, and product quality
  • Oil/sand tailings settling rates
  • Waste water settling rates in the mining industry
  • Flocculent and chemical surfactant effectiveness

Continue reading

Using Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to Ensure Targeted Cell Culture Productivity


Tracking Inline Cell Count and Dimension

Brian O’Sullivan will present Tracking Inline Cell Count and Dimension to Ensure Targeted Cell Culture Productivity on May 26.    During this free online seminar, case studies where Process Analytical Technology (PAT) was successfully applied to fermentation processes – including filamentous organisms, plant cells, mammalian cells, and E. Coli – will be reviewed.

Specific application examples that Brian will discuss are protein crystallization optimization, scale-up from shaker flasks to pilot scale, cell debris & cell debris flocculation, cell count & cell density monitoring in real time with no need for sampling, and cell culture productivity.

Visit the Tracking Inline Cell Count and Dimension to Ensure Targeted Cell Culture Productivity online seminar page for more information.