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第42届全美有机化学学术报告会 (NOCS)

我在六月五日至九日参加了在新泽西州的Princeton 大学召开的第42届全美有机化学学术报告会 (NOCS) 。本届学术报告会由美国化学学会(ACS) 的有机化学部门与Princeton 大学的化学系共同组织,邀请了十三位报告人士。不少报告是针对新发现化学、生物学及学术研究 – 全都同时强调了有机化学的新进展


我期待着参加将于2013年在西雅图的华盛顿大学召开的第43届全美有机化学学术报告会 (NOCS)

NESACS’s Bench to Plant Symposium

NESACS SymposiumUpon returning to the Boston area after a number of years away, I was very much looking forward to attending The Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (NESACS)’s Advances in Chemical Sciences “Bench to Plant” Symposium for the first time.  Held in Cambridge on October 22, about 100 scientists from the local area gathered for the one day Symposium focusing on Process R&D Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, and New Synthetic Methodology.

Some highlights of the top-notch presentations included:

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秋季里,我在于波士顿举办的第三届制药与精细化学品工业的绿色工艺加工国际学术报告会上作了一个报告。会议之后,化学经理欧洲杂志(CHEManager Europe Magazine)的主编联系了我,希望我根据我的报告:“使用实时分析和工艺过程自动化来走向绿色”写一篇文章。因为我对可持续发展充满激情,我立即接受了这一邀请。该文已发表在化学经理欧洲杂志的一月份期刊上,只需快捷的注册便可进行阅读。


Going Green Using Real-Time Analytics & Process Automation

In the fall, I presented a paper at the 3rd International Symposium on Green Processing in the Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Industries in Boston.  Continue reading

Scientific Symposia in Canada

Toronto and Montreal are not only the two largest cities of Canada but also vibrant technology hubs. Continue reading

2010 Fall Meeting Highlights

Now that the busy fall meeting season has come to an end, I wanted to take the opportunity to quickly revisit some highlights that my colleagues and I noted: Continue reading

4th Annual Uniqsis Flow Chemistry Symposium

Uniqsis British ConsulateBy no means am I a flow chemistry expert, but as probably the case for many other chemists, continuous processing has piqued my interest over the past few years. Continue reading

Symposium on Process Safety and Crystallization

On Tuesday, November 2, METTLER TOLEDO held its 1st Symposium in Cambridge, MA, hosted by Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR). The success of the Symposium went beyond expectations: 65 scientists representing a large variety of small companies (CoNCERT, Cubist, Tetraphase), larger companies (Pfizer, Dow, Amgen), and research institutions (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) attended the event. The main themes of the Symposium were crystallization and process safety. Des O’Grady and I started by giving an overview of the technologies later covered by the industry speakers: Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM®), Particle Video Microscope (PVM®), EasyMax™, RC1, and ReactIR™. Continue reading