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Process Analytical Technology at EuroPACT 2011

As I look ahead to 2011, an event of interest is EuroPACT 2011: the second European Conference on Process Analytics and Control Technology.  The EuroPACT 2011 event will be held April 26 to 29 in Glasgow.  Founded in 2006, the EuroPACT conference covers new technologies in process analytics and process performance monitoring, and the implementation of these technologies in various technological fields, including the transformation of data into knowledge, and industrial sectors.

One poster presentation that I wanted to highlight is – Faster Optimization and Troubleshooting with Process Analytical Technology: Real-time Measurement of the Crystal Population. Continue reading

Supersaturation Or the Crystal Size Distribution

Supersaturation or the Crystal Size DistributionWhich Measurement Is More Important?

In an ideal world, you may want to directly measure the crystal population within the crystallizer (a critical product quality attribute) and measure the supersaturation which is driving the process (a critical process parameter).  Today’s advanced Process Analytical Technology (PAT) allows you to measure both of these critical parameters in real time. But where should you begin – especially if budget constraints limit you to implementing only one advanced measurement. Continue reading

What Makes Crystallization Such a Complex Process?

As a follow-up on last week’s post regarding the implications of a well-designed crystallization process, including how Tim Bell of DuPont Engineering wrote: “Crystallization is notoriously difficult to scale-up…”, we will now address why crystallization is such a complex process. Continue reading