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Flow Chemistry – What’s Happening?

The desire to gain major improvements in product quality, yield, synthetic route, cycle time and safety in chemical processes have become key driving factors for chemists and engineers working in the chemical development and manufacturing environment in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. In order to achieve these goals, scientists are actively seeking alternative chemical development methods such as modern continuous flow reactor technologies. These technologies provide the opportunity to address many of these issues as they allow for rapid testing, optimization, and scaling of chemical sequences, many of which are unsafe for batch operations.

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American Chemical Society (ACS) Flow Chemistry Resources

As I mentioned prior to the 241st American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting and Exposition in Anaheim, there was an Enabling and Optimizing Chemical Reactions in Real Time Flow Chemistry and In Situ Analysis workshop.  Continue reading

Upcoming Continuous Flow Chemistry Events

Regular visitors to this blog will be familiar with recent continuous flow chemistry events in what I consider to be a very exciting, fast-developing area of chemistry. When I was reading the recent blog post regarding the upcoming Pfizer Flow Technology Expo, I thought about other upcoming flow chemistry events, including: Continue reading

What is Continuous Flow Chemistry?


Continuous flow chemistry is widely used in the chemical and petrochemical markets, and has been for decades.  The continuous flow chemistry production methodology has been gaining interest in pharmaceutical R&D due to: Continue reading

4th Annual Uniqsis Flow Chemistry Symposium

Uniqsis British ConsulateBy no means am I a flow chemistry expert, but as probably the case for many other chemists, continuous processing has piqued my interest over the past few years. Continue reading

Let Chemists Do What Chemists Do Best

During the 2010 Fall American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in Boston, Professor Steven V. Ley presented a novel approach to the use of flow chemistry as a synthetic technique. Continue reading

Benefits of Continuous Flow Chemistry

Benefits of Continuous Flow Chemistry

ThalesNano H-Cube for Continuous Flow Chemistry

At the recent 17th International Process Development Conference in Baltimore there was an excellent session discussing continuous flow chemistry. The desire to develop new and improved chemical processes that optimize the use of resources has facilitated a large amount of work in the development of Continuous Flow Reactor (CFR) technologies in recent years.

Modern flow reactors can deliver a number of distinct advantages over more traditional batch reactor technology. For example, reaction conditions that may be challenging to achieve in a batch reactor can be easier to achieve in a flow reactor. A good example is a reaction in which the temperature of the reaction far exceeds the boiling point of the solvent. This type of reaction can be easily run due to the flow reactor’s ability to contain pressure. (The ThalesNano’s H-Cube pictured above is a widely used CFR designed specifically to simplify screening and development of continuous hydrogenation reactions.) Continue reading