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Optimization of Highly Reactive Chemistry – Reducing Risks

Highly reactive chemistry is the generic term referring to chemical reactions that pose a challenge due to the potentially hazardous and/or energetic nature of the reactants, intermediates and products that are present during synthesis. Highly reactive chemistries include Grignard, acid chloride, azide, halogenation, and hydrogenation.  Continue reading

Synthetic Chemistry Beyond The Round Bottom Flask

While analytical technologies that support synthetic organic chemistry in the laboratory have changed dramatically, chemical synthesis itself has remained largely unchanged for over fifty years.  During that time, the round bottom flask has been the workhorse for organic chemists in the synthesis lab. Continue reading

Scientific Symposia in Canada

Toronto and Montreal are not only the two largest cities of Canada but also vibrant technology hubs. Continue reading

How To Monitor Biocatalysis in Real Time

This is the first blog post in a 2 part series in which I will discuss the real-time monitoring of bio-based chemical synthesis.

Biocatalysis continues to evolve, with the application of recombinant organisms or isolated enzymes designed to catalyze specific chemical reactions – often with highly regiospecific and stereospecific conversions. In the optimization of any chemical synthesis reaction – by traditional or biocatalyzed routes – it is not enough to simply report the yield and the enantiameric excess (ee), the kinetics of the reaction must also be considered. Understanding how the kinetics are affected by conditions such as pH and temperature allows optimization of biocatalysis through the identification of operating conditions that can ensure a maximum yield and desired ee in a timely manner. Continue reading

How Johnson and Johnson Replaced The Round Bottom Flask

Janssen Pharmaceutica Belgium is part of Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest health care company. Thanks to Johnson and Johnson’s extensive engagement in innovative science, and investment in highly educated people and advanced research equipment, Janssen Pharmaceutica enjoys an international reputation for pharmaceutical innovation and quality. Continue reading

Chemical Synthesis & Optimization Supported by Design of Experiments (DoE) at Lonza Peptide


Lonza Peptide use of Design of Experiments (DoE)

Didier Monnaie of Lonza Braine presented Fast and Effective Chemical Synthesis and Optimization Supported by Design of Experiments (DoE) on May 5.  During this free online seminar, Didier Monnaie discussed how Lonza Peptide applies the Design of Experiments (DoE) concept to analyze Peptide Synthesis variables including product composition, purity, yield, and stereospecificity.

Visit the Fast and Effective Chemical Synthesis and Optimization Supported by Design of Experiments (DoE) online seminar page for more information or to view the on-demand version of this webinar.