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AIChE 2010 年会 — 结晶过程

从阅读即将召开的2010 美国化工学会年会的技术内容中, 我注意到以下数篇涉及结晶工艺过程工作的人员会感兴趣的报告:http://cn.mt.com/cn/zh/home/events/fairs/AiChE-2010.html?=US_AC_eAdv_zhBlog

  • 包括工艺放大的用于Drown-out 结晶过程的工艺模拟手段, Eleftherios Kougoulos – Pfizer
  • 用PAT (工艺过程分析技术)定性分析快速结晶工艺过程, Barbara Wood – University College Dublin
  • 结晶工艺自动化平台: 集成硬件、软件、和PAT来促进结晶工艺过程的开发, Amanda Rogers – Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • 应用PAT来定义设计空间从而实现结晶工艺过程的控制战略, George Zhou – Merck & Co.
  • 在一个工业化半釜式糖结晶釜中实时监测晶体成核和增长速率, Terry Redman – METTLER TOLEDO
  • 结合工艺过程分析技术的结晶过程放大–确保从R&D 实验室到生产厂的成功, Terry Redman – METTLER TOLEDO
  • PAT在设计和优化塞流结晶系统中的应用, University College Dublin
  • 在2,6-Diamino-3,5-Dinitropyrazine-1-Oxide (LLM-105) 重结晶中应用原位技术, Andrew G. Pearsall – Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • 建立一个从起始晶种分布预测过饱和度和晶体大小的结晶过程模型的成功与挑战, James Vernille – Bristol-Myers Squibb


Crystallization at the AIChE 2010 Annual Meeting

While reviewing the technical program for the upcoming 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting, I noticed several papers of interest to those of us who work in crystallization: Continue reading

Symposium on Green Processing in the Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Industries

Last week, John Tedesco and I had the privilege to attend the 3rd International Symposium on Green Processing in the Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Industries in Boston, MA. Continue reading

Association for Crystallization Technology 17th Larson Workshop

I am looking forward to attending the upcoming Larson Workshop hosted by the Association for Crystallization Technology and Bristol-Myers Squibb starting October 3. Continue reading

Optimization and Scale-up of Fluid Bed Processes

Fluid Bed Granulation and Coating from GEA and Niro Pharma SystemsSpray layering is increasingly being used to produce spherical pellets of a target particle distribution – often with engineered dissolution profiles for time-release formulations.

This extended abstract summarizes collaborative research between GEA (Niro) Pharma Systems and METTLER TOLEDO in the application of process analytical technologies (PAT) to the monitoring, optimization and control of Precision Fluid Bed Granulation and Fluid Bed Coating.

Download the extended abstract from the presentation given at the 7th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics, and Pharmaceutical Technology.

Andrew Birkmire, Dr. Kim Walters, GEA (Niro) Pharma
Dr. Mario Hubert, BMS
Eric Dycus, Terry Redman, Ben Smith, METTLER TOLEDO
Continue reading

Congratulations to 17th IPDC Award Winners: Best Paper Award presented to Dr. Martin Johnson of Eli Lilly


Martin Johnson, Eli Lilly

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce that Dr. Martin D. Johnson of Eli Lilly won the award for Best Paper at the 17th International Process Development Conference (IPDC).

Continue reading

Reducing Time to Manufacturing Using Real-time In Situ FTIR Analytics as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Tool – On-Demand Webinar

The on-demand version of the Reducing Time to Manufacturing Using Real-time In Situ FTIR Analytics as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Tool webinar that I presented on January 20 is now available.

View the Reducing Time to Manufacturing On-Demand Webinar.


During this on-demand webinar, I review case studies from the pharmaceutical industry to show how real-time mid-infrared (mid-IR) analytics provide critical information that results in shorter process development timelines, including:

  • Intermediate detection during an indazole alkylation and scale-up – Pfizer
  • Hazardous gas detection during tetrazole synthesis – Merck
  • Monitoring a Grignard reaction at the multikilogram scale – Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Scale-up involving a sensitive enolate – Johnson and Johnson (J&J)

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, then please contact me.