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Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference: Alternatives for Alternative Fuels


At last week’s Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference, there was an excellent session highlighting a few of the many different approaches currently being commercialized to develop renewable fuel sources.

What was interesting, is that many seem to be capable of producing fuels or chemicals that are compatible with the existing infrastructure for petroleum refining or directly as petrochemical feedstock. And although the construction of demonstration and full-scale commercial plants might take years to complete, most of the key companies are in the process of planning to scale-up manufacturing within a year.

For my own purposes, I thought it might be useful to list the companies and the route that they are trying to follow towards bulk manufacturing of biofuels and bio-sourced chemicals. If you have additional insight into each of these technologies, or want to voice opinions on their scientific or economic feasibility, please comment below.

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