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Process Development Event – Durham, NC

On May 14, my colleagues and I will host an Information Sharing Event at the Marriott Hotel at Research Triangle Park.  This is a free event intended for scientists interested in learning about applications for chemical process development.  We have six speakers from industry and academia for this event: Continue reading

SERMACS 2012 – Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society

How to do more with less is a consistent theme in today’s chemical development laboratories. Researchers are challenged with how quickly and cost-effectively they can deliver high quality chemical products and the processes used to make them. This in turn has driven a trend in industry to develop and adopt new methods of working, and new techniques to analyze chemical reactions. Continue reading




在三月三十日的网络研讨会–反应动力学实验教学的创新方法–上,Seton Hall大学有机与有机金属化学系的 John R. Sowa Jr.教授介绍了如何进行基本动力学实验。Sowa 教授报告中讲得方法既可用于学术研究也可用于工业研发。

Sowa 教授的著名文章包括:

Joseph P. Simeone, John R. Sowa, Jr., “Palladium on carbon as a precatalyst for the Suzuki-Miyuara cross-coupling of aryl chlorides,” Tetrahedron, 2007, 63, 12646-12654.

Editor, Catalysis of Organic Reactions (Chemical Industries Series, Vol. 104), CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, 2005.

Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling with Quasi-Heterogeneous Palladium”. Conlon, D. A., Pipik, B., Ferdinand, S., LeBlond, C. R., Sowa, J. R. Jr., Izzo, B, Ho, G.-J., Williams, J. M., Shi., Y.-J., Sun, Y.-K. Adv. Synth. Catal., 2003, 345, 931-935.

Methods For Teaching Chemical Kinetic Experiments

Some of the major challenges faced by researchers (and in particular – organic and analytical chemists) include the need to quickly determine reaction kinetics as well as gain sufficient information to fully understand, characterize and optimize chemical reactions.  This is leading researchers to find innovative ways to obtain the information they require to successfully complete their work.

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我最近作了一个网络研讨会报告: 自动化结晶过程开发: 亚稳态区宽度的确定和超饱和度的控制,该报告总结了一个用两天时间与一个大制药公司进行的合作,此合作缩短了结晶过程开发时间并提高了工艺放大效率。


如果你没能参加我的自动化结晶过程开发报告, 请求既有版现已在网上。


Automating Crystallization Development

On Wednesday, I presented an online seminar: Automating Crystallization Development: Metastable Zone Width Determination and Supersaturation Control, which summarized a two day collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company where crystallization development time was reduced and scale-up efficiency was improved. Continue reading

The Three Little Chemists: A Story About Tr-Tj

Three Little Pigs Tr Tj StoryFor years, we have been discussing the value of the Tr-Tj expression (Tr = reaction temperature, Tj = heating/cooling jacket temperature). The ease of use and the valuable insight gained into chemistry from the Tr-Tj expression has already been leveraged by chemists around the world. Since I feel that there are more chemists out there who would benefit from the use of Tr-Tj on a regular basis, I thought I would tell a story to illustrate the value of the Tr-Tj expression. Continue reading