Heterogeneous Catalyst Hydrogenation

From the number of requests I recently received, it appears that many of you are interested in publications covering the use of ATR-FTIR, calorimetry, and/or gas uptake to monitor in real time and in situ heterogeneously catalyzed hydrogenation processes. I have compiled a short list of 10 references – rather than listing the many references available on the topic, I focused on the variety. You’ll find a wide range of pharmaceutical companies involved (Teva, GlaxoSmithKline, Vertex, Novartis) who are interested in good process control for scale-up, as well as rapid and safe optimization, plus a variety of well-known European and Japanese academic labs investigating in-depth reaction mechanism and kinetics. The list covers a range of publications from Organic Process Research and Development and the Journal of the American Chemical Society (both ACS) to more specialized engineering, catalysis, or spectroscopy papers. Although most publications are about fine chemicals, one is concerned with the conversion of biomass into valuable chemicals. A diverse range of chemical bonds are hydrogenated either in a batch mode or continuous phase: nitro aromatics, anhydrides, double bonds, unsaturated ketones, and nicotinic acids. ATR-FTIR was often used in a qualitative or semi-quantitative manner although a few academic publications describe the application of chemometrics, and self-modeling curve resolution algorithm.

I hope this will be useful to your research project. Please let me know if you have specific topics of interest that I can investigate.

Thanks for reading!

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