Functional Polymers Chemical Materials

Most chemists and chemical engineers know the use of ATR-FTIR to monitor multi-step complex chemical reactions. The technology has even become a staple for them in academic and industry labs over the past 20 years. Fewer people are familiar with the use in chemical material science, although they help provide a better understanding of the relationship between product structure and properties. As a result, in situ ATR-FTIR (ReactIR) offers invaluable value to enhance the productivity of the research and development process as well as the quality of chemical products and material meeting our everyday societal needs. Many publications and patents are mainly available covering the preparation of bio-based material containing functional additives, polymer films and latexes for coating, as well as surface protection.  Several are from James Rawlins and Shelby Thames at the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials, University of Southern Mississippi, as well as from Tim Long at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Trying to list them all would be an impossible task but I selected a few that I hope will generate interest some readers.

As always, enjoy reading and please feel free to suggest any topic you might be interested in!

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