Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Trends

Having read “The Development Factory”, I could not miss Gary Pisano’s conference on his newly published book “Producing Prosperity”.

Held at the Novartis Biomedical Research Institute on Thursday September 26, the event was organized by the Swiss Consulate in Boston and his representative Felix Moesner. Approximately 100 people gathered in the Novartis auditorium.

Gary Pisano Producing ProsperityAlthough the concepts of a manufacturing renaissance in the western world have been debated for a few years, the ideas put forward by Gary Pisano are challenging and his new book is worth reading: The US is losing its edge in manufacturing and is now behind Switzerland and Germany, for instance,  in terms of productivity, and has seen the GDP share of manufacturing revenue cut in half over the past 50 years. Yet, manufacturing is so critical to innovation, and innovation to high-tech manufacturing, that decoupling the two now appears a major mistake. Kodak was given as an illustrative example. Companies and the government understand they need to take firm action to put a brake on the innovation drain towards outsourcing countries if we are to maintain our standards of living. Is it too late to reverse the trend?

The conference was followed by a networking event which provided the opportunity to meet Gary Pisano and executives from local biotech and pharmaceutical companies, distinguished academic researchers and founders and CEOs from small size companies in businesses such as finance, law and banking.

This event was one of many in the Boston area offering the opportunity to learn, meet, and network. I encourage anyone who can to attend them, and look forward to meeting you at the next one!

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