Crystallization Research Information Sharing

I’m really looking forward to the Continuous Flow Chemistry and Crystallization Development Symposium that will take place in New Brunswick, NJ on September 26.  Two colleagues will present new crystallization research that I think will be of interest to the local scientific community. 

Steven Ferguson of Massachusetts Insitute of Technology (MIT) will present continuous plug flow crystallization methodologies that he developed as part of Dr. Brian Glennon’s research group at University College Dublin (UCD).  I received my Ph.D. from the same group and have been lucky enough to see first hand the innovative work Steven and his fellow researchers have been engaged in.  With more and more academic and industrial research groups involved in the development of continuous processes, it will be great to learn about the work Steven has done in that area.

Another presentation that I think will be of particular interest is that of Lotfi Derdour of Bristol-Myers Squibb.  Lotfi is a superb crystallization scientist who combines the latest analytical technologies with common sense modeling approaches to understand and optimize crystallization performance.  His talk will focus on how the presence of different conformers can influence crystallization kinetics and will serve as an excellent primer on the role impurities can play in crystallization development.

I’m  looking forward to these presentations and hope you join us for the Continuous Flow Chemistry and Crystallization Development Symposium.