Continuous Flow Chemistry & Crystallization Development Symposium

In pharmaceutical development, the drive for better drug product quality, process reliability, efficiency and safety have become key factors in driving chemists and engineers to seek alternative methodologies. Continuous flow reactor technologies significantly expand the range and scope of possible chemistries, and allow for rapid testing, optimization, and scaling of chemical sequences. This is reflected in the dramatic increase in the variety and depth of published chemistry over the last few years.

During the morning session of the September 26 Continuous Flow Chemistry and Crystallization Development Symposium, we’ll examine various flow chemistry case studies presented by well-known experts from:

  • Pfizer – Kristin Price
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Daniel Fandrick
  • Merck – Michel Journet

The case studies discuss how flow chemistry can dramatically improve synthetic route screening, process yield and efficiency, as well as free the scientist from time consuming manual tasks using automated synthesis platforms  to carry out the required many repetitive individual experiments for route scouting and process optimization.