Engineering Fine Particle Size Distributions with Inline Particle Size Measurements

Crystal engineering is applied when the crystal size distribution is too large to meet downstream specifications. By designing the crystallization to produce a fine crystal distribution in situ, downstream milling operations are avoided, thus improving the yield, and reducing energy consumption or safety hazards which may arise due to milling.

The Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster (SSPC) at the University College Dublin (UCD) has been developing expertise in crystal engineering, continuous processing, and real-time monitoring of crystallization with in-process particle measurement technology. In a Two Part Series of webinars by Mairtin McNamara and Steven Ferguson, tools and methods are presented to design scalable crystallization processes, produce fine crystals, and eliminate the need for milling.

View the webinar presentation: Eliminating Micronization Using Fine Particle Crystallization by Dr. Mairtin McNamara, UCD.