Petrophase 13 – Optimize Particle-Water-Oil Separations in Dark Crude Oil

The 13th International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling will be held June 10 – 14, 2012 in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

During PetroPhase 13, I will present the poster Optimize Separations with Inline Particle and Droplet Size Measurements in Dark Crude Oil.

Anyone familiar with multiphase pipeline flow knows that under extreme temperature and pressure conditions offline sampling and analysis is difficult or impossible. Offline samples are often manipulated through dilution or dispersion which can alter or destroy multiphase components, and offline measurements often cannot be applied to make real-time process optimization and control decisions. With the advent of in situ particle characterization technology such as FBRM® and PVM® scientists and engineers can quickly visualize and measure the particle phase behavior inline without pulling samples.

PetroPhase 13In the poster, I’ll present how FBRM® and PVM® probe based technologies are used to track the particle and droplet system in crude oil at standard operating temperatures and pressures, without sampling or sample dilution. This enables users to:

  • Optimize Crude Oil-Water Emulsion Separations 
  • Understand Asphaltene Precipitation and Prevent Deposition 
  • Stabilize Gas Hydrates Formation