Improve Oil-Water Droplet Separation to Optimize Oil Recovery

At the 2011 PetroPhase 12 conference in London, we presented a poster showing how inline droplet size measurement is applied to optimize liquid-liquid separations. Multiphase flow often occurs under extreme temperature and pressure conditions making offline sample analysis difficult or impossible.  In situ droplet size measurements are available with FBRM® and PVM® technology.  FBRM® and PVM® technologies are inline process analytical tools which track the rate and degree of change to particles and droplets as they naturally exist in-process at full concentration, without sampling. The poster from the PetroPhase 12 conference is now available and presents how FBRM® and PVM® are used to:

  1. Optimize Desalting and Oil-water Separation
  2. Study In Situ Asphaltene Precipitation to Optimize Upstream Transport
  3. Understanding Gas Hydrates to Improve Flow Assurance

For those not familiar with the PetroPhase conference, topics that are discussed include:

  • Petroleum Phase Behavior
  • Formation and Mitigation of Organic Solid Phases
  • Emulsions and Colloids
  • Desalting
  • Structure and Composition of Heavy Oils, Asphaltenes, and Trace Contaminants

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