How To Understand and Improve Crystal Purity


  1. How can I improve crystallization purity?
  2. When did an impurity form?
  3. How can I understand my crystal size distribution? 
  4. What conditions can we change to improve our overall purity?

Researchers from the world’s top pharmaceutical and chemical companies use crystallization workstations to understand their crystallizations and quickly make informed decisions to determine the direction of development.  The one minute video presents how to understand and improve crystal purity:

  • In a recent study, PVM: an inline Particle Vision and Measurement tool, was used to quickly identify the exact solvent and seeding parameters that produce the desired crystal  size distribution, crystal morphology, minimized agglomeration and delivered the desired purity. 
  • In a separate study, in only 2 experiments PVM was used to pinpoint how and when an impurity was formed.  This meant a robust crystallization was developed that avoiding a phase separation. 

By providing immediate visual understanding a crystallization workstation coupled with PVM enabled scientists to make informed decisions that improve crystal purity.

The white paper – Best Practices For Crystallization Development – discusses how to identify operating parameters to improve crystal purity and better understand crystal size distribution.