How To Optimize Crystal Size Distribution, Improve Filtration Rates, and Batch Consistency


Chemists and Engineers need to quickly develop repeatable crystallization processes with fast cycle times.

A crystallization workstation (FBRM and PVM inline particle size measurement tools coupled with the OptiMax) enables chemists and engineers to quickly optimize their crystallization.

Researchers use PVM and FBRM technology to track the rate and the degree of change to droplet, crystal, and particle size as they naturally exist in process:

  • Engineers from University College Dublin applied these technologies to optimize mixing and solvent addition which eliminated excessive crystal nucleation.  This meant variability in downstream filtration was minimized and a more consistent yield was produced.
  • Researchers at Excella (Germany) applied FBRM to optimize cooling rates, achieving:
    • Total cycle time reduction of 16 hours!
    • Yield improvement by 10%!
    • A 20% cost reduction!

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