Synthetic Chemistry Beyond The Round Bottom Flask

While analytical technologies that support synthetic organic chemistry in the laboratory have changed dramatically, chemical synthesis itself has remained largely unchanged for over fifty years.  During that time, the round bottom flask has been the workhorse for organic chemists in the synthesis lab.

Synthetic Chemistry Beyond Round Bottom FlaskBut, the round bottom flask has its drawbacks.  Heating and cooling of the reaction mass can be awkward and imprecise, and maintaining a temperature set point over several hours is difficult.  In many cases, synthesis steps are impossible to perform unless someone is present to supervise the reaction and repeating a synthesis is not always straightforward.

A new approach is now helping organic chemists redefine the way that chemical syntheses are researched and performed.  The whitepaper – New Methodologies for Organic Synthesis: Chemical Synthesis Beyond the Round Bottom Flaskintroduces the concept of chemical synthesis without the traditional round bottom flask, and outlines a new methodology that is changing the way chemical synthesis are done.