Crystallization and Process Safety Symposium – Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland is a unique place with an impressive concentration of scientists and engineers focused on optimizing pharmaceutical and fine chemical processes. With this special community in mind, we decided to host a Crystallization and Process Safety Symposium on October 13 in Basel focused on best practices and cutting edge developments in the areas of crystallization and organic synthesis.

As specialists in the field of research, development, and manufacturing technologies, Markus Adamczyk, Carlos Goerner, Jochen Schoell and I want to invite chemists and chemical engineers  to learn about best practices, innovative ideas and applications for reaction hazard assessment and crystallization improvement. Part of the crystallization and process safety symposium will also focus on advanced software modules that leverage of chemometrics, visualization tools, and multivariate analysis to enable data-to-information technologies and accelerate results interpretation.

The agenda includes speakers from:

  • Novartis
  • Merck
  • Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster
  • ETH

I hope you can take advantage of this event to learn from experts and network with peers. I look forward to seeing you on October 13 in Basel.