Crystallization in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Shanghai Training

A technical training on Crystallization Technologies in the Pharmaceutical Industry will be held on June 23-24 in Shanghai, China.  This training is being organized jointly by Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry (SIPI), Shanghai Eterpharm Inc., and METTLER TOLEDO. The agenda will focus on Challenges & Coping Techniques of Polymorphism, not only to enhance applications of crystallization technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, promote technical communications on pharmaceutical crystallization, but also to advance the R&D and manufacturing of polymorphic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in China.

Experts in polymorphic API research and crystallization process development have been invited to present the hot topics and challenges in API polymorphism R&D, how to cope effectively with the challenges by applying technologies, and to communicate critical techniques in API crystallization process development for polymorph control. I’m delighted to invite everyone interested, especially chemists and engineers working on polymorphic API research and/or crystallization process development, to join this event.

For program agenda, click here to view or download. To register for the training or learn more about it, please click ‘I want to register‘ or download the reply information and contact the organizer directly.