Chemical Synthesis Without a Round Bottom Flask


For over 50 years, chemists have been doing organic synthesis in fundamentally the same way.  Running reactions with cumbersome oil and ice baths or bulky cryostats make the process labor intensive, error prone and sometimes dangerous.

Today’s business environment is driving the need for cost competitive R&D.  Making timely, correct decisions is important to complete projects faster and to bring new products to market first.

OptiMax synthesis workstation redefines the way organic chemists do synthesis and takes R&D productivity to a level previously unattainable.  By replacing traditionally used round bottom flasks and jacketed vessels, OptiMax synthesis workstation does not need an ice bath, a heating metal or a cryostat.  OptiMax synthesis workstation allows chemists to run reactions from temperatures of -40 to 180 C in a variety of different reactors from 250 mL to 1L.