Novel Crystallization Techniques – Cambridge Information Sharing Event

On the afternoon of May 5, Millennium Pharmaceuticals will host a Crystallization Information Sharing Event at their site in Cambridge, MA. 

crystallization event CambridgeWhen we had the opportunity to bring together two of the most prominent scientists in the field of crystallization engineering, we coordinated with Millennium to organize the afternoon event.  It is a fantastic way to support the chemical and pharmaceutical development scientists in the Boston area, and we’re really proud to be a part of this.

Mark Barrett of the Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster in Dublin will give a presentation on process monitoring techniques for troubleshooting and optimization of intermediate and API crystallization steps.  Mark always gives a great presentation, and I am interested to better understand how he uses ReactIR for solubility curve determination.

Richard Braatz of MIT is a world renowned expert in the fields of:

  • process control design
  • modeling and simulation
  • crystallization technology
  • dynamical systems analysis
  • process optimization
  • pharmaceutical crystallization

Richard’s presentation will include successful techniques for solution concentration estimation during nucleation, growth and dissolution of crystals.

I’m really looking forward to this event!

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