Inline Particle Size, Shape & Count History: Lasentec® FBRM®

particle size Lasentec FBRM

For over 25 years, FBRM® technology has been used for real-time monitoring of particles and droplets as they naturally exist in process.  Since acquiring Lasentec® (Lasentech) in 2001, METTLER TOLEDO has continued to advance the development inline particle size, shape and count distribution measurements. Now, there are thousands of FBRM® and PVM® installations worldwide from the R&D laboratory to the manufacturing plant.

I thought it would be interesting to take a historical look at Lasentec®, FBRM® and PVM® technology:


Next Generation FBRM® (G Series) is released with breakthrough performance in terms of accuracy and sensitivity of the in situ particle measurement

  • Software based stuck particle correction to improves process understanding
  • High resolution distributions provide more accurate information
  • Interchangeable probe platform improves versatility
  • Improved probe robustness for an increased service interval


METTLER TOLEDO wins Powtech/TechnoPharm Innovation Award for development of FBRM® for inline granulation


Small scale 19mm diameter PVM® with microscope quality images even at high solids concentrations


Small FBRM 8mm diameter design and FBRM® for dip pipe installations


METTLER TOLEDO acquires Lasentec®


19mm Pneumatic FBRM®


First PVM® for inline particle vision and measurement


First probe-based real time in situ particle characterization FBRM®


Lasentec® receives the R&D 100 Award for offline FBRM® technology