High Resolution, Fast Understanding, Intuitive Particle Measurement

Inline particle size measurement technology is used to quickly:

  • Understand the particle system’s response when changing process parameters
  • Optimize the particle system to improve process performance and product quality
  • Control the particle system to achieve consistent particle size distribution endpoints, batch repeatability, and process stability

particle size distribution

Process optimization and control can only occur if the in situ particle measurements are representative and easy to understand.  Based on 20 years of experience with inline particle measurements, the next generation FBRM has been redesigned to provide higher resolution chord length measurements and more intuitive information for each experiment.

Scientists and engineers use Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM) to track particles and droplets as they naturally exist in process.  The next generation FBRM technology – FBRM G400 and FBRM G600 – provides enhanced resolution with an intuitive understanding of the particle system.  This enables users to increase experiment throughput and improve product quality in less time.

View the new Breakthrough Performance for Inline Particle Characterization presentation.

Highlights of the presentation include:

Advanced Signal Processing

  • Higher resolution chord length distributions provide more information from each experiment
  • Stuck particle correction improves reliability and process understanding

FBRM G400 Advanced Hardware Development

  • Interchangeable probe platform improves versatility and portability
  • Improved probe robustness for an increased service interval