Enhance Your Understanding of a Crystallization Process

A common challenge faced by both chemists and engineers is how to achieve an enhanced understanding of the crystallization process.

The EasyMax has provided a powerful, yet nimble platform for chemists and engineers to get a lot of work done.  It has been great to see how well the EasyMax has been embraced, especially for crystallization work.  Simon Rea developed a way to make it even better for particle characterization:

Crystallization Process FBRM PVM EasyMax

At last, you can use the FBRM and PVM simultaneously in your EasyMax!  This new PTFE lid makes it possible to see your:

  • polymorph/habit shifts
  • seeding behaviors
  • phase separations
  • general particle/droplet changes in-process

And this can be done at volumes as low as 30mL!  When you scale up to 1 liter, you can bring the same PVM over to measure at that scale, too.

To see examples of what you can do with FBRM and PVM simultaneously in your EasyMax, view the Optimization and Scale-Up of Anti-Solvent Addition Crystallizations From Lab to Plant Webinar Series presented by Mark Barrett of Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster (SSPC).