UK Automated Synthesis Forum (UKASF) – Novartis

This week, the United Kingdom Automated Synthesis Forum (UKASF) will be held at Novartis in Horsham.  Ian Clemens of Novartis is the Chair of the UKASF and will deliver the opening remarks to begin the Forum on Wednesday.

The first session, which will be chaired by Steve Brough of AstraZeneca, will be on Flow Chemistry and will include:

  • UK Automated Synthesis Forum (UKASF)Auto H-cube – Steve Wailes, Syngenta
  • Flow User Perspective 1 – Margaret Huggett, MSD
  • Flow User Perspective 2 – Toby Underwood, Pfizer
  • Reaction Optimisation – Charlotte Wiles, Chemtrix

Chaired by Steve Wailes, the second session features company profiles:

  • Novartis – Jessica Taylor
  • Cyclofluidic – Chris Selway or Dave Parry
  • Lab to Lab Introduction – Brian Everatt, Novartis

During Session 3 on Thursday, Synthetic Technologies will be discussed.  This session will be chaired by Bill Maclachlan of Activate Scientific:

  • Supported reagents review – Jon Roffey, CRT
  • Reaxa – Mohammed Nisar
  • Synthetic Biotransformations Overview – Andy Wells – AstraZeneca
  • Codexis – Cliff Veighy

During the final session that is being chaired by Ian Clemens, new technologies will be discussed.  My colleague, Jon Goode, will start the new technologies session by discussing the DS Micro Flow Cell technology.