Optimize Chemistry Via Kinetic Analysis

On October 20, Professor Donna Blackmond will present the second part of a webinar series – Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis: A Powerful Methodology for Streamlining the Study of Complex Organic Reactions.

Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis WebinarDuring this online seminar, attendees will be able to learn a faster way to understand and optimize chemistry via kinetic analysis which will result in:

  • Fewer experiments than classic kinetic analysis
  • Ability to plan future experiments based on kinetic data
  • Optimized chemistry
  • Knowledge of how concentration affects the rate of reaction

The first webinar in the Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis series focused on the “different excess” protocol, showing how it provides the concentration dependence of different reactants. Part II of this webinar series will focus on the “same excess” protocol, which addresses the question of process robustness and will allow attendees to learn how their catalysis is performing. This is where the Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis (RPKA) methodology is most innovative, because it extracts information about a working catalytic cycle that is difficult to obtain by any other means.

Based on what Professor Blackmond has shared with me about this webinar, I expect it to be particularly beneficial to Organic Chemists and Engineers working in Process Development.