Fundamentals of Process Scale-Up

On November 25 and November 26, Dr. Reinaldo (Ray) Machado of rm2 technologies will conduct a two-day Fundamentals of Scale-up Workshop.  This advanced process scale-up training will be held at the Ramada Powai in Mumbai, India.process scale-up fundamentals Ray Machado

The Fundamentals of Scale-up Workshop agenda includes:

  • Fundamental Scale-Up Concepts – viscosity, agitator characteristics and power analysis, scale-up strategies
  • Single Liquid Phase Phase Processes – macro-mixing, meso-micro mixing, scale-up of fast reactions, feed tube design principles
  • Multiphase Mixing – liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, gas-liquid, static mixers
  • Heat Transfer – fundamentals of heat transfer theory, thermal safety analysis, reaction calorimetry
  • Kinetics – kinetics theory and measurement, kinetics analysis techniques, catalyst considerations
  • Simple Modeling Techniques – Two-zone model, VisiMix

Dr. Reinaldo Machado has 24 years of technical experience in applied reactor engineering, scale-up of chemical reaction processes, mass transfer, heat transfer, applied reaction calorimetry, and hydrogenation.  Currently, Ray is a Senior Consultant specializing in hydrogenation and oxidation reaction engineering.  Ray holds 15 patents, has collaborated on 14 publications, is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and the American Chemical Society (ACS).  Ray has also served as a part-time instructor of a short course  entitled “Scale-Up Considerations in Chemical Processes” at Lehigh University and presented the free online seminar The Importance of Mixing: How To Compare Lab Scale Mixing with Full Scale Process Vessel Performance.