Crystallization at the AIChE 2010 Annual Meeting

While reviewing the technical program for the upcoming 2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting, I noticed several papers of interest to those of us who work in crystallization:2010 American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting

  • Process Modeling Tools for a Drown-out Crystallization Process Including Application to Scale-up, Eleftherios Kougoulos – Pfizer
  • Characterization of Flash Crystallization Process Using PAT (Process Analytical Technology), Barbara Wood – University College Dublin
  • Automating Crystallization Platform: Integrating Hardware, Software, and PAT to Expedite the Process of Crystallization Development, Amanda Rogers – Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Apply PAT to the Definition of Design Space to Enable the Control Strategy for Crystallization Processes, George Zhou – Merck & Co.
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Nucleation and Growth Rates in An Industrial Semi-Batch Sugar Crystallizer, Terry Redman – METTLER TOLEDO
  • Crystallization Scale-up with Process Analytical Technologies – Ensuring Success From the R&D Lab to the Manufacturing Plant, Terry Redman – METTLER TOLEDO
  • Application of PAT to the Design and Optimization of Plug Flow Crystallization Systems, University College Dublin
  • Application of In-Situ Technology in 2,6-Diamino-3,5-Dinitropyrazine-1-Oxide (LLM-105) Recrystallizations, Andrew G. Pearsall – Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • Success and Challenges in Constructing a Crystallization Model for Prediction of Supersaturation and Crystal Size From Initial Seed Distributions, James Vernille – Bristol-Myers Squibb

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