How Pfizer Is Improving Process Development For Bench Scientists

Recently, Dr. Marty Guinn, Director of Chemical Development for Pharma Therapeutics at Pfizer, wrote:

Marty Guinn Pfizer Chemical Development

Dr. Marty Guinn, Pfizer

“Productivity, reproducibility and confidence are important to us. In our experience, the EasyMax meets all the requirements and has opened the door to the potential of automation to improve the efficiency of process development for our bench scientists.  Currently, our chemists and engineers are utilizing the EasyMax on a daily basis for both early and late-stage process development in a variety of applications and venues. We are actively distributing basic EasyMax units to individual users and allowing them to individually up-grade to more advanced systems and their confidence and creativity develops. We have established walk-up EasyMax work stations consisting of several units linked together through iControl for Design of Experiment (DoE) experimentation for process chemists.”

In his role as Director of Chemical Development at Pfizer Pharma Therapeutics, Marty manages the Process Chemistry Technologies Group and the Crystallization Technologies Group.  The Process Chemistry Technologies Group conducts high throughput parallel experimentation, DoE experiments, and applies advanced process research technology (FTIR, continuous flow chemistry, etc.) to support early stage Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) process development and clinical supply. The Crystallization Technologies Group performs salt and polymorph screening to select a suitable form for development and develops robust crystallization processes to support Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) delivery.