Predictor of Dissolution Performance in Fluid Bed Granulation

In July, I announced that I would be chairing next week’s In Process Particle Forum  being held in Iselin, NJ.  Today, I want to highlight one of the papers that will be presented at In Process Particle ForumSteve Mehrman of Johnson & Johnson will present on using FBRM C35 during fluid bed granulation development and scale-up.

In Process Particle Forum - Formulations Info Day Steve is a great presenter who clearly articulates complex ideas in an approachable way.  His talk will focus on the use of FBRM C35 in fluid bed granulation as a predictor for dissolution performance.  This is especially interesting because it is always great to see FBRM data being used to correlate to the downstream quality a attribute of interest.  FBRM is a great tool for tracking particle size in process, but the real value comes when you correlate the measurement with something of importance to the patient.  Consistent dissolution rate and in vivo/in vitro correlation is critical to ensure drug efficacy.  And when FBRM is used within a Process Analytical Technology/Quality by Design (PAT/QbD) framework to achieve this, it is exciting.

For those interested in seeing Steve’s presentation, more information can be found on the In Process Particle Forum focused on Liquid and Solid Dosage Formulations website.