Use of Real-Time In Situ Reaction Analysis in Research

Real-time in situ reaction analysis is used by the world’s top researchers to increase the understanding of organic chemistry in the following research areas:

ReactIR in ResearchReactIR monitors reactive chemistry using well-understood mid-infrared spectroscopy.  An Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) probe is inserted directly into the reaction vessel, providing a “molecular video” of the reaction.  The concentration changes of all key reactive and transient species are monitored allowing for mechanism and pathway determination.  Accurate kinetics analysis is easily achieved with automated collection of a comprehensive data set.

Study chemistry under actual conditions from highly concentrated to sub-millimolar eliminating the common errors associated with offline sampling analysis.  ReactIR measures in situ to ensure reactions sensitive to moisture, temperature or oxygen can be easily characterized without disturbing the reaction or compromising the chemistry.

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