How Johnson and Johnson Replaced The Round Bottom Flask

Janssen Pharmaceutica Belgium is part of Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest health care company. Thanks to Johnson and Johnson’s extensive engagement in innovative science, and investment in highly educated people and advanced research equipment, Janssen Pharmaceutica enjoys an international reputation for pharmaceutical innovation and quality.

Johnson and Johnson Round Bottom FlaskJanssen started to invest in a synthesis workstation, EasyMax™, as early as 2008. Since then, the EasyMax™ has been successfully used in Janssen’s laboratories, and has largely replaced the traditional round bottom flask.  EasyMax™ has now become one of Janssen Pharmaceutica’s standard synthesis tools and no longer can be excluded from chemical development labs.

Over a period of more than one year, several EasyMax™ units were thoroughly evaluated by a group of chemists in chemical development.  The extensive evaluation has proven to substantially increase productivity in chemical synthesis. The experiments performed in the EasyMax™ provided accurate, reproducible and high quality information that allowed scientists to develop more robust processes while reducing the reagent and solvent consumption considerably.

According to Luc Moens, Research Fellow in Chemical Research & Process Development, Johnson & Johnson, Belgium, the Return on Investment the EasyMax™ provided included:

  • Reducing the number of the experiments
  • Saving time that could be spent for other work
  • Increasing the productivity in chemical development
  • Increasing the quality of the experiments and the resulting information
  • Reducing the consumption of reagents and solvents