World Congress on Particle Technology 6: FBRM and PVM real-time particle system characterization at WCPT6 in Nuremburg, Germany (26-29 April, 2010)

POWTECH-WCPT6-Nuremburg-METTLER-TOLEDO-FBRM-C35The particle size distribution is a critical parameter in process efficiency and product quality in many pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial processes. The real-time measurement of particle count, dimension and shape of particles as they actually exist in process provides critical process information that speeds up process understanding and enables a better means of real-time measurement and control.

At next week’s World Congress on Particle Technology in Nuremburg, two of my colleagues will be presenting papers covering research and case studies covering a variety of applications of real-time measurement of particle systems using on-line particle characterization tools.

The titles of the four papers that will be presented are listed below :

  • Advanced In Situ Tools for the Optimization and Scale-up of Crystallization Processes, Jochen Schoell, Ian Haley, Des O’Grady, Brian O’Sullivan, Benjamin Smith (METTLER TOLEDO, Columbia, MD, USA)
    • Monday, April 26, 14:30, T0211: Crystallisation – Design, Scale-up and Control, OSLO (2)
  • Optimization and Scale-up of High Shear Wet Granulation Processes Using FBRM® and PVM® In Situ Particle Characterization, Benjamin Smith1, Zane Arp2, Thomas Vermieire3, Eric Dycus1, Ian Haley1, (1METTLER TOLEDO, Columbia, MD, USA; 2GlaxoSmithKline, King Of Prussia, PA, USA; 3GEA Pharma Systems, S-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands)
    • Tuesday, April 27, 16:40, T0512: Granulation – Wet Granulation, KOPENHAGEN (2)
  • Real time, in situ particle monitoring during roller compaction, Benjamin Smith2, Ronak Vakil1, Des O’Grady2, Harbhagwan Kalia1, Jane Riley2, Colleen Ruegger1, (1Novartis Pharmaceuticals, East Hanover, NJ, USA; 2Mettler-Toledo AutoChem, Columbia, MD, USA)
    • Wednesday, April 28, 16:20, T0521: Granulation – Dry Granulation, ISTANBUL (2)
  • Advanced In Situ Tools for the Optimization and Scale-up of Fluid Bed Processes, Jochen Schoell1, Andrew Birkmire2, Michael Melichar2, Brian O’Sullivan1, Eric Dycus1, Benjamin Smith1, (1METTLER TOLEDO, Columbia, MD, USA; 2GEA Pharma Systems, Columbia, MD, USA)
    • Thursday, April 29, 14:30, T0502: Granulation, RIGA (2)

If you are interested in receiving a copy of any of these presentations, leave a comment below or request additional info. (Mention the POWTECH Blog Post and we’ll know what you’re looking for).

FBRM (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) and PVM (Particle Video Microscopy) are probe-based techniques that measure and image particles and droplets as they actually exist in process – without the problems and particle system changes caused by withdrawing and preparing samples for at-line or off-line analysis. Measuring particles in-process using process analytical tools enables dynamic modeling of particle growth, aggregation, flocculation and breakage – for a more detailed process understanding and more effective optimization and process monitoring and control.

For more information, you can also check out our website describing these on-line particle characterization tools and their powerful applications in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and other particulate processes.

The World Congress on Particle Technology is being held in conjunction with the POWTECH Exhibition – you can also look for my colleagues in the METTLER TOLEDO booth (Hall 9, Booth 9-620).