R&D and Manufacturing for Polymers, Fuels and Chemicals

Our latest R&D and Manufacturing for Polymers, Fuels and Chemicals Symposium in Houston on July 24 was a success.  The event featured well recognized experts, including: Continue reading

Functional Polymers Chemical Materials

Most chemists and chemical engineers know the use of ATR-FTIR to monitor multi-step complex chemical reactions. The technology has even become a staple for them in academic and industry labs over the past 20 years. Fewer people are familiar with the use in chemical material science, although they help provide a better understanding of the relationship between product structure and properties. Continue reading

Amgen Chemical and Process Development Event

With about 80 participants, the Best Practices in Chemical and Process Development Information Sharing Event organized by METTLER TOLEDO and kindly hosted by Amgen in Cambridge, MA on April 10, was clearly a success. It featured best practices presentations around the theme of chemical development in the local pharma industry from Continue reading